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Good bar design increases efficiency, hygiene and, ultimately, profits. Nelson is a leading designer and installer of bespoke underbar and backbar systems and has worked extensively in this area with a client base ranging from busy local pubs to high profile, destination clubs and cocktail bars.



We provide a fully custom designed solution which offers many advantages over readily available modular configurations. Irregular shapes present no problem, space is used more comprehensively, workstations can be accommodated in their optimum locations and dirt traps can be eliminated.

By conducting an initial site survey, we determine exactly what you need to manage your bar super efficiently, both at your busiest times and at quieter times. We will consider the types of drinks you serve, and in what quantity, how many people work behind the bar at any time and how many customers they deal with.

Our bespoke, stainless steel shelving will be made exclusively for your operation to store everything you need it to. We will incorporate sinks, basins, insulated ice wells and speedrails. Power points will be installed so that plug in equipment such as commercial ice makers and crushers, blenders, coffee machines, glass frosters, bottle coolers and EPOS stations are sited conveniently and, depending on your needs we will install a glasswasher or even create a complete commercial glasswashing system to ensure a constant supply of sparkling, clean glasses. Our sister company, Nelson Dish & Glasswashing Machines Ltd, enables us to pass on to you 30 years of experience in this specialised area.

A well run bar attracts customers but a well designed one ensures they return.

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