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  • Mayhem Nightclub,
    Southend On Sea
  • Nine Adam Street, London
  • Out of The Blue, Clapham
  • Deco, Hertford


Of course, most bar and club customers are attracted by the ambience, drinks and music you provide. These are the elements that give your venue its identity and the areas that you are likely to feel most passionate about.

Food is often considered to be of secondary importance yet, with the right menu – usually fairly simple and straightforward and an efficient commercial kitchen design can be a highly lucrative extra for any night time venue.

There are some obvious advantages. Hungry customers have no need to eat elsewhere, new customers for whom food is a priority will be attracted and the option to hold functions and events is created. Furthermore, providing food can be viewed favourably when you apply for extended licenses.

Whether you are already serving food but would like to improve or increase your menu or whether you are yet to install a professional kitchen, Nelson’s commercial kitchen design can help. By discussing your menu requirements with you or your chef and, always working within your budget, we would suggest a commercial kitchen design that would give you the maximum return.

Our in-depth knowledge of health and safety legislation, our relationships with good quality catering equipment suppliers and our seam-free commercial kitchen installation will ensure both you and your customers are happy.


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