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At Nelson, it is essential that our clients not only receive a superb, custom-designed kitchen, but that their deadlines are met and they are kept informed on all aspects of their installation.



THAT is why, as soon as you have formally agreed your final order with our commercial kitchen designers and consultants, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will become directly responsible for overseeing every aspect of your kitchen design and for keeping you fully informed every step of the way.

Once you have approved our final design layout, your project manager will issue you with a very comprehensive set of 'service' drawings for you and your contractors.

He will then be readily available for briefing you and your building contractors, plumbers, electricians and all other parties involved, to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the work required to prepare the commercial kitchen for installation, answering any queries or issues which may be raised.

One of the key functions of project management is dealing with all necessary administration and paperwork and placing orders for your equipment. This is subsequently delivered to our warehouse for storage prior to the installation date, giving us complete logistical control over the project.

Your project manager will be available to you, your architect and contractors. He will attend all necessary site meetings to offer advice and guidance, answer any questions or deal with any possible pitfalls before they occur.

There are times when site circumstances will demand adjustments to your kitchen design and your project manager will oversee all such changes as well as making routine site visits to ensure all health and safety regulations are strictly adhered to and, most importantly, that everything is running to schedule.

Site surveys at various stages of every project are essential. The project manager will undertake all these and will arrange visits from members of Nelson's specialist team. These might include fabrication surveyors to measure finished walls for seamless fitting or ventilation experts to plan the routes of their ductwork.

We will also make a final visit just before installation to ensure that the site is fully prepared, that all services are installed and live and that there is clear access for our delivery team to arrive.

When your site is ready for installation, our delivery team, led once again by your project manager, will arrive on site to see in your catering equipment. He will oversee all positioning and unpacking and will act as your quality controller to ensure that everything happens according to plan.

Next, our in-house Gas Safe-registered engineers are called to site to connect your equipment to the services which your contractors will have prepared under our guidance.

The project manager will supervise all aspects of the installation to make sure that everyone is working to your deadline and will always be available to immediately resolve any issues which may arise.

This supervision is essential in co-ordinating the various people and tasks required to fully complete the kitchen design project so that everything is in place for the all important opening night.

Following this, all maintenance and service contracts will be finalised and staff training and demonstrations will be organised with the relevant manufacturers and technicians to familiarise and train all your staff with the new catering equipment.

Sometimes, additional help such as extra training or equipment queries may be required and if so, Nelson will always be available to help you - still 'managing your kitchen design project' long beyond your opening night.

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Working with you every step of the way – our project managers update you on every detail
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