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  • Angelic, Islington
  • Carpenters Arms, Hammersmith
  • Coachmaker, Marylebone
  • Hole In The Wall, Chiswick
  • The Union, Paddington
  • The Union, Chiswick


Gastro Pubs provide everything that a large portion of the British market demands, good food, good service and good beer within a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Behind the scenes, however, excellent organisation is required to be able to service a large number of customers, prepare and cook an imaginative menu and provide harmonious working conditions for kitchen staff.

Very often, the original space devoted to a gastro pub kitchen would have only had to service a limited pub menu, so clever design is essential in any pub kitchen refurbishment.

Similarly, a larger amount and wider variety of cooking equipment might be needed to produce an inventive menu while storage needs may well be increased.

Nelson Catering Equipment designers have worked closely with all types of pubs over the years and have become used to creating kitchens for ever expanding menus. And, since the term Gastro Pub was coined, we have worked with many more.

Nelson Catering Equipments design team listens to what our clients require and interprets those ideas into the best possible layout within the set budget. Also, because our team includes trained chefs, we can empathise with every problem, no matter how large or trivial - and find a solution.

We give our full personal attention at every stage of development from initial specification to final installation. Then we train all members of staff on the equipment to ensure everybody is familiar and that the pub kitchen works as intended from day one.

Furthermore, if your dream kitchen requires financing, we offer all types of financial solutions which can be tailored to your precise needs.


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