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As customers are now so experienced in cuisines of the subcontinent, the quality of the chef's work in the kitchen is at least as important as the designer's work in the dining room.

Chefs need the right tools to do a good job and this is where Nelson Catering Equipment can help. Well designed Commercial kitchens allow chefs to work to their highest standards and also with greater speed, especially at peak times.

The equation really is simple: better food + faster cooking = more highly satisfied customers.

We have solid experience of designing and installing high performance kitchens for the Indian restaurant sector. We understand what a comercial kitchen really needs, from high-profile restaurants in the West End to good local neighbourhood outlets. And that's not just our word - many of our satisfied clients frequently recommend us to their colleagues in the trade.

Let us work with you and your chef to produce the right design for your kitchen and call on our expertise to guide you through the myriad of essential details.

Once you're satisfied with our designs, we appoint a project manager who will attend site meetings, order equipment and ensure that everything arrives on time and is installed correctly.

We're fully up to date with the latest health and safety legislation and will always specify the most suitable and practical equipment to suit your budget and commission it to your timescale. Of course, we'll train your staff so they know how to operate everything in the new kitchen safely and efficiently. The start of a new commercial kitchen that really works is just a phone call away.


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