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Planet Organic is the UK’s largest, fully certified, organic supermarket chain. However, beyond this, the supermarket prides itself on its special understanding of its customers requirements meaning it will always go the extra mile to provide what they need both in terms of products and advice. Everything in the stores is unsullied by chemicals and additives but, beyond that, the company caters for all types of nutritional and dietary requirements.

In 2008, Peter Marsh took over as CEO. Coming from a highly successful retail background, including many years at Marks & Spencer, he brought a wealth of expertise and has gradually made improvements and changes that have resulted in the company thriving throughout the recent dark economic times.

States Peter, “It goes without saying that our customers are special to us and we needed to know what was bringing them to us in the first place and then what keeps them coming back.”

“One important finding was that a large proportion of our customers enjoyed using our ‘Food to Go’ facility. Of course, many return for their regular shopping, but this taught us that our fresh display items had to make a big impact.” He therefore decided to replace the old retail food display units at the main Westbourne Grove store. “They were generally rather tired looking, the hot food area was constantly steaming up and, quite simply, they were not projecting the right image.”

Incredibly, Peter found it almost impossible to find a supplier to take on the project as it was considered too small by many. Then, by asking around, he heard about Nelson Catering Equipment. “Not only were they able to provide what we needed,” he explains, “they were genuinely interested in the job and went the extra mile to find out exactly what we were trying to achieve – and then provided it. Nelson genuinely does offer a full and unique service.”

The new retail food display area creates a stunning, streamlined focal point within the store. The long run of curved screen cabinets is flanked at one end by a mirror finished, stainless steel multi-deck chiller and, at the other end by the coffee service area and tills. The commercial cabinets provide generous holding space for various types of food with dry heat surfaces, bains marie and refrigerated zones while highly specified insulation means that selected temperatures are guaranteed. The whole area is lit both by integral lights within the units themselves and by spotlights from the store’s industrial style track system.

“I can honestly say that what Nelson has achieved has superseded my expectations,” comments Peter. “The new ‘Food to Go’ area looks fantastic and performs superbly. Also, the actual installation was so fast and efficient, there was virtually no disruption. We have various plans for the months and years ahead and one of the more imminent ones is to open a new store in the City. I have little doubt that when this happens we will be calling on Nelson Catering Equipment to help us with our retail food display.”

“Quite simply, we provide a caring and personal service to our customers – and so does Nelson.”

Food Service Counters
food servery counters
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